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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Challenge time!

Hi Wendy here...and welcome to my first posting and my first challenge for the Midnight Rooster Kit club.

I am a big lover making something out of fav things in my scrapbooking stash are my punches and my templates...stock up on these and you will never go wrong!

Using a kit is one of the times when i love using them...especially if you are like me...using just the kit ( which are beautifully put together) and nothing else.

This is a good thing as it challenges you to think outside the box...especially if you run out of embellishments but still have a ton of pattern paper left to use.

When that happens i break out my drawer of templates and dig deep...and then spend a happy hour making my own embellishments!

Here is one that i made out of June Kits pattern paper and some left over buttons...
good to embellish any page!!!

If you dont have pins or buttons left for the middle you can always roll up a triangle...start rolling from the big end all the way to the tip...this covers the middle of your butterfly and looks so pretty!!!

So my challenge to you is to dig out your old midnight Rooster kits...grab some of that left over paper and get will become just as obsessed as i am with making something from nothing!!!!!


  1. Gorgeous, Wendy, love the edge-inking! Gonna give the rolled-up triangle center a try too~

  2. Wendy, you are the embellishment Queen!! The butterfly is bea-u-ti-ful!