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Friday, June 18, 2010

Summer ROCKS!!!!

Hello my amazing rooster fans! Can I just tell you that summer is offically HERE, and I LOVE it! Today was the best day! I woke up to a thunder storm, spent ALL day at my best friends pool with be bestest friends, and ended the day with a bad-A storm! Does it get any better?? Only if you blog hopped the other day and registered for a Midnight Rooster mini kit! Here are the lucky winners...(and can I just say that *I* didn't even get one of these bad boys!)

Kirsty's blog winner: Andi Sexton
Emily's winner: Krista Nash
Michelle's lucky duck: Denyse Krittschgau
Jill's chicken dinner: Tracey Rhodes
Wendy's super star: Amy Coose
Jing Jing's pot 'o gold: Steph D.
Charity's winner...OOOPPP, she hasn't come forth yet! Girls, check Charity's blog to see if you are her lucky winner!!!

And Keri...well, guess what!? She was livin' the life and on vacation during our blog mini kit giveaway. That means you still have a chance to win, so go visit Keri's blog for your VERY LAST CHANCE to win a June mini kit!

Ok girls...I have a small problem. I noticed that many of you are not signing up for the flickr group. I am wondering if it's because I forgot to mention that your layout challenges DO NOT have to be from the midnight rooster kit! That means that ANYone can be a part of the challenges, MR kit or not! So go sign up for that flickr group, and show off those pages. I have AMAZING etsy shop's that have kindly donated prizes for our challenge winners and I REALLY want to give those away! :)

OHHH! One more piece of news that is pretty important! So I had to have a "come to Jesus" meeting with our post master after he missed picking up your packages TWO DAYS IN A ROW! It wasn't pretty and momma had to take care of biznez if ya know what I mean. So if your packages seem late, this is the reason. I am soooooo sorry!

And HOLY COW...last thing, I PROMISE! I got our final stamp images from Michele over at Purple Onion, and dude...they are TO DIE FOR! I am so excited to get them into your hands!

That's it lovies! Have a super raddish Sunday!

peace~love~and the United States Post Office...


  1. I got my kit today and can I tell you that it is ridiculous!!!!!! OMG is it so gorgeous and I'm so glad I ordered ALL of the add-ons!!! One of these days I will actually produce something and post it on Flicker...... I love the flowers in the add-on and they look marvelous with the Prima flowers which BTW are ridiculously gorgeous too! Whoo hoo!!! MR ROCKED the Summer start off season!!!

  2. Hello hello hello!!! I am so excited I won one of the super cute mini kits!! An EXTRA bonus to my new subscription!

    So.. I am GUILTY of not posting on Flckr! Thought it had to me MR and I've been waiting for my kit! Thanks for the awesome news that 'anything goes'!!!