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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Joy Madison in the HOUSE!

Hello scrapbooking goddesses. Welcome to Wednesday evening in chilly northern Indiana. I personally LOVE the cool, crisp nights. I love to sleep with my window cracked and my big down comforter all pulled up around my ears...and let me tell ya, as soon as I'm done chatting with you fine people I am heading that way! This whole getting up and going to a job outside my house is kickin my chicky bum all over the place. I don't like not being able to stay up till 3am. That's my always has been and I fear that I'm slowly joining the "real" world. YIKES! So I'm assuming you all DON'T want to hear about all all want to hear and SEE how my beautiful friend Joy Madison blew UP the September kit. As you all know I was really hoping to showcase her projects on the far no wait no they are in all their glory!!

(sorry this photo is so computer was being defiant)

Look at this adorable child...and of course the cute thing she is holding! What a creative way to use the pink paislee frame eh?

enjoy...seriously, grab a cup of coffee and enjoy.

peace*love*and happy dreams :)


  1. Gorgeous creations! Love the frames :-)

  2. I LOVE the little frame!!! I may have to use that idea for my new workspace (at work).

  3. Great work Joy!!! So excited to have you! :)