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Sunday, September 26, 2010

October sneaks!!!



I have a very nice photo to share with you all. It could be an awesome collage of sneaks from the October kit. I was feeling a bit homesick for Oz while naming the kits...hence Dorthy and the Flying Monkeys. Love it.

For those of you awaiting Joy's amazing layouts...I have been holding out on you hoping that my web guys will get her gallery added and she can be a part of the website. This has not yet happened so I shall make you wait only one more day longer...stay tuned to the blog SUNDAY evening at 5:00 for the update with THEE Joy Madison's layouts. I have a serious girl crush on this chick. I think her husband might just be jealous, just sayin...

As for me and my ruby slippers...we are crawlin under a big comfy down comforter and catchin some zzzz's. I had a major fun girls night with my baby girl and her BFF. Mani's, Pedi's, food and a movie...this momma is pooped. And broke.

(peace)(love)(and yellow brick roads)


  1. Cuteness! What a fun day w/ the girlies!

    And the sneaks??? LOVE LOVE LOVE the vintageness!

  2. The sneaks look awesome!!
    Looks like a fun girls night!!

  3. Fun sneak peeks! What beautiful girls!! We started a blog roll for spark sisters at if you want to link up!! hugs from texas! p.s. do you gals still need lampshade photos from margies class?

  4. *Sighs* I miss me some Emma, Ethan and Kien! SO happy that I get to see them soon!!!!!

    Oh...and the kits are great looking too! ;-p

  5. The sneaks look amazing!! Can't wait for the big reveal!