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Thursday, October 28, 2010

I'm posting the newsletter here because most of you probably couldn't see the images that were in the newsletter...

Hello Paper Goddesses!!! We are so thrilled to finally shoot a newsletter off with our new layout! And what a newsletter this is, we have so much to share with you we are about ready to BURST!! So how about I just get on with it 'eh?

First of all I want to say thank-you on behalf of Janelle and myself for being so patient with us as we get all the learning bumps and kinks worked out. We love what we are doing here at Midnight Rooster and if we don't have your your happiness beaming back at us after you receive each kit then we are doing something wrong. We are glad you are bearing with us because you love the kits...and may I just say, the next six months are gonna BLOW your mind!

I would like to introduce you to our new kit of the "next season". This kit debuts all the yummy new products that teased us at the summer CHA show. Take a peek...

Oh girls, this kit is soft, this kit is gentle...the embellishments will add a statement to whatever projects you add them to. You will love this. You will want to marry it, but most of all you will want to scrap our hiney off with it. We can't wait to unveil this kit to you on November 9th. And now that we have the new newsletter, our subscribers will receive the reveal on November 7th in a "subscriber only" newsletter. I can't WAIT!

Have you been over to the website or blog lately? If you have then you have seen this amazingly RADDISH chick!

Oh...go...go and check out her layouts. They are just lovely. *sigh*

And now, for the news I have been DYING to share with you for weeks now...

We are so, so, so super excited to share this new part of Midnight Rooster with you! We have had this idea in our hearts since way back when the planning of our kit club just took awhile to get the details worked out. And let me be honest...this last DT call pulled on my heart strings. We love our design team...I may be biased, but I think we have the most talented group of girls around. Their work blows me away every month and I am so amazed with the projects we get to post in our gallery. They are there to inspire you when you get in that scrap rut, or when your in a hurry and need some awesome ideas, or simply as eye candy! But we wanted to take that inspiration further. We know that there are many of you out there that have a great story or know a friend that has one...may it be funny or emotional...chances are you have one. We would be honored to hear those see your layouts, to learn about your friendships. We want to celebrate you for a month, to share that story with our followers. This is how we plan on finding you:
1. Nominate a friend...or hey, even yourself!
2. Submit your layout and your or your friends story-it can make us laugh, it can make us rules.
3. Get all that info together in a nice little package and make sure we have contact information and email it to
4. If you are chosen you will receive a main kit for the up coming month to work with. We will feature your kit layouts and story on our blog and website for the entire month, YOU will be our GUEST DESIGNER! If you are nominating a friend, the friend will receive the main kit and be the one featured. The person nominating will receive a FREE add-on kit to play with and be mentioned on the blog with their friend...your important too!!
We will start our new Guest Designer spots with the January kit, so get those stories together and inspire us! We can't WAIT!

Be sure to take advantage of this...

Wow, me thinks I should be done with this news. There is a LOT to take in here...and you may be willing to take in more, however my brain can only handle so much today. Quite frankly...I made dinner tonight and I am a tad bit exhausted. I am no superwoman...and if you thought I was...well then I have certainly not bragged up my hunky husband enough. So soak it in my friends, and spread the news about the Guest Designer spot!

Much love and hugs to you and yours and may you be blessed with awesome superpowers!

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  1. fun fun fun!!!

    BTW, I won one of the mini's from BabyBokChoy.. She sent me an email this morning to let you know today!!!
    Thanks! I am a kit subscriber so you have my address...