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Monday, January 10, 2011

Use It or ...

This is my first post in 2011 here at the Midnight Rooster blog, so I want to wish everyone a very happy new year! 

Now I'm not much of a new year resolutions type of person, but since it's my week to put up a challenge, I will share one that I threw down at myself a couple of months ago: use my Cricut!

I bought my Cricut Expression two years ago around Thanksgiving.  I went to Walmart and stood there waiting like a complete fool for an hour for the salesperson to check the back for more Black Friday deals. Never mind that, apparently shopping at Walmart at 6 a.m. on Black Friday is just too late for the really good deals!  lol.

In the last year, the cartridges that appeal to me are coming in great abundance! I have added to my collection considerably.  So I challenged myself to incorporate Cricut cuts into my projects more.  And I did just that with two layouts using the just released January kit, Farmer's Daughter.  

Here I have a 2-pager about strawberry picking, a frequently scrapped subject in my books :)  I used the Country Life cartridge (bought it at $20, what a deal!) to cut the bucket load of strawberries you see in the close-up.
The strawberry image on the Country Life cartridge is a single berry.  I just cut six and clustered them together to evoke the look of the bucket filling up.  While we are here looking at the close-up, please notice the gorgeous hand-made flower that come JUST LIKE that in the kit!  Gosh, it looks good! You need it! Get it here -> click here -> click it -> just click, click, click, you know you want to click...
All right, next up is a layout about my DD and her love for puzzles a couple of years ago.  I used the My Community cartridge to cut the puzzle pieces.  This cartridge I got for free with my purchase of Cricut and I really haven't used anything from it at all, until now...
So yes, I am using my Cricut more and more, in fact, I think there will be at least two projects next month using my Cricut cuts again ;)   I think what held me back for so long was actually the vast library of potential cuts available to me through a single cartridge!  No more being afraid for me.  After all, didn't Confucius say, 'the journey of a thousand Cricut use begin with a single cut?"  Well, did he?   
So here's my challenge to you... Do you have a Cricut, a Big Shot, or some kind of die cut machine?  If you do, create a project using your machine, and post it to the Midnight Rooster's Facebook site.  Who knows... there might even be a prize? :)


  1. These layouts are amazing! I am hoping to use my Cricut more often too. I just created a card using some of my Cricut cartridges. I will share after it's debut this Saturday! :)

  2. I LOVE my cricut! I do use it more for titles and cards, but I LOVE it!

  3. fabulous layouts!!! i need to take this challenge. i have a couple of die cut machines and they collect dust more than anything!

  4. Your "You Fit" layout is amazing...seriously incredible. :)

  5. Jing-Jing...You amaze me. Thanks for the gorgeous layouts and for the inspiration! Can't wait for January's kits to get here!

  6. Great use of your Cricut. I cannot wait to see more!