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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

OK, so I know this isn't scrapbook related, but how CUTE is THIS? I could have just linked the blog and told you to go there...but I want it here, so I can remember where it is when I want to make one!! If you want to check out the whole blog {she is pretty adorable} go here!

J Crew Inspired Ruffle Shirt Tutorial!!!

Start with 2 long sleeve t-shirts. I got mine on clearance at target for $1.48 each!!

Fold in half...

You want it to be short sleeve (summer is coming up!!), so lay your favorite short sleeve t-shirt on top of it and cut the sleeves off...

It should look like this!

Then cut the sleeves open...

And cut each sleeve in half... You should have four strips total. :)

Next, pin the strips together and sew...

Now we are gonna get a little crazy!! Crank that tension up to 9!!

And crank the stitch length to a whopping 5!

Then just start sewing... and watch those lovely ruffles start forming!! Go down both sides, and when you are done your ruffle should look like this...

We're getting there!!

Now, whip out that other t-shirt you bought, and repeat the steps you did for the last ruffle, but this time gather just ONE side. :)

It should look like this when you are done! Just pin both ruffles on... and sew them!!

You are done!!! WOO HOO! We did it!! :)

and just look at all those gorgeous ruffles!?!

Man, I can't wait to make one of these! If you make one be sure to link it up here so we can see it!!

Peace{love}and handmade ruffles!

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  1. You are just a ruffly kinda girl!!! These are cute!! Can't wait to see one on you!