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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Holy summer batman!!

Man oh man...I almost forgot how to do this whole blog thing. I have so many things to update you all on, I should have been blogging every day!

*** August sneak peeks will be up Monday***

First of all, I want to thank all of our wonderful customers! I am so humbled that you have fallen in love with our kits and continue to support what we love most here at Midnight Rooster...which is bringing you an inspiring box of heavenly goodness every month! So thank-you...for making 2 girls from the middle of no where feel so great!!!

My next order of business...the mini kits. I am a bit embarrassed to admit that I was so busy this month that I forgot to send them out. Our DT coordinator, Michelle, kindly reminded me that they needed to be sent! They all shipped out on Saturday, so enjoy them! And be sure to add your beautiful creations to our flickr group!

You may have noticed that a few things may have changed on our website. First, our FAQ page was changed a bit to reflect our change in subscription sneaks. Unfortunately we discovered that it was not possible right now to allow subbers to purchase items before they were actually on the website. I was pretty sad to hear this because this was something I was really excited to offer. I do however have an email option that I have not taken advantage of yet. When I do get this up and rolling I will be sending our subscribers an email with pictures of the kits before the public release date. So bear with me a bit longer...but I promise, it is coming!
The other change on the website that will happen here this next week is the addition of a guest DT spot on the design team page. I am soooo super excited to add this to MR! We already have the most AMAZING group of designers a girl could ask for, and to be able to give you the rockin talent of more designers is just a blessing!! So I'll tell you all a little secret...but this is one you can tell the world, cuz I am beyond excited to introduce our very first MR guest designer...the awesomely FAB...
SASHA HOLLOWAY!!!! This momma is so wicked-ly bad a$$ and her projects are gonna blow your nail polish off!

Isn't she gorgeous!! I wish I could hang with her ever day, her blog makes me laugh, cry and drool...sometimes all at once. Welcome Girl!

Some more exciting stuff...CHA!!! To say we are totally jazzed up to get there wouldn't even come close. And we are going to do our best to take you along! I will have my camera and laptop so that I can up date you all with coolest stuff the scrapbook manufacturers have for us this fall. There is going to be so much coolness under one roof I may wear a diaper so I don't wet my pants!! Good times girlie's! So be sure to check back Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday for lots of pics!!! Anything special you'd like to see...leave us a comment...we may just honor that wish! ;) my last order of sweetness tonight...the SHOP! It's's beckons you, you want to buy stuff...but there is no stuff. There WILL soon be stuff...and you WILL be able to buy! :) YAY!!! And the stuff you will be able to buy? Well, some of it will be the great goodies you would paper, embellies, all that good stuff. But some of it will be so good you may want to raise the limit on your credit cards... You have been for warned, it is written. :) I go to prepare the August sneak! It's a HOT one!

peace^love^and Chi-town


  1. Yeah, Sasha! This girl most definitely has it going on - can't wait to see her creations, although I would like to keep my fabulous nail polish if I may. hee hee

  2. Hello Sasha! I am looking forward to seeing your work!
    Our family will be hitting the road Wed. - Sat. so will miss most of the CHA excitement, but, I will be back to catch up!

  3. Aww Tobi you are too kind. Now I am shaking in my boots to make sure my projects are umm up to snuff .. hee hee .. I kid. Thanks sweets I am so excited to be with you guys in August .. fun fun.

    Thanks Ladies xoxo

  4. Have fun at CHA!!!! Too bad I couldn't go with you! :-( Stupid work!

    Anyways, love the August kits' names - brings back a lot of great memories...can't wait to see it all!

    Love you sister! Drive safe, and have FUN!

  5. oh! i love sasha's work! can't wait to see!

  6. Enjoy CHA! My mini kit came on Tuesday!