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Friday, September 10, 2010

Forgive the delay...we're "sparkin" it up

Hello my friends! I hope I can still consider you all that after I tell you that there will be a slight delay in the September kit un-veiling. Janelle and I are attending Spark. If you have not heard of this amazing event you'll want to follow the above will be inspired, I promise.

So we have spent the whole day flying...from Indiana to Utah. It's been a looooog day and I do have some of the website updated...but not the kits themselves. You can head over to the gallery now and see the new layouts...and the rest of the website will updated on Sunday night. Because you are soooooo patient and kind to understand that we are at the event of a lifetime, we are going to reward you!! :) If you are a member of midnight rooster we will add a paper add-on to your main kit because we love you for your patience and appreciate your business!! If your not a member, it's ok...we love you too, and we want to change that! So become a member this month and we will also throw a paper add-on in your kit! This month's kit is soooooo yummy and I wish I didn't have to wait to show you...but it's worth the wait, I PROMISE!

Thank you all so much for your understanding! You are the BEST customers!!! As soon as I get some photos I will post them...although I'm sure that a photo will NOT do this event justice!

Have a GREAT weekend everyone, and be sure to check back Sunday night/Monday morning for the reveal and the mini kit blog hop!

peace^love^and SPARK!!!!


  1. Thanks so much for updating us! I've been stalking the site. Have a wonderful time at Spark.

  2. Good to hear from you! I'm looking forward to what comes in the mail:)