Places to visit while here

Friday, July 30, 2010 so great they may melt your face off.

So sorry I didn't post pics whilst at the show. We didn't have free wi-fi in the room and not because I COULDN'T pay for it, but because it made me so mad I didn't WANT to pay for it...for this reason I didn't post pics. :) I do have to say however, that the bed and pillows were so comfortable it was worth no free wi-fi!

On to CHA...IT WAS AWESOME!!!! It was half the size of previous shows, but that worked out perfectly for us. Being my first show to actually order...and Janelle and company's first show was nice to have it smaller so we could get through it all in one day! Just because the show was smaller didn't mean the product packed a smaller punch...there was some sweet stuff there kids. Wanna See???? :)

one of my top fav's of the show...cosmo!

Who doesn't want to roll around in the buff in prima flowers????

Pink Paislee and Ho3...yum.

Glitz...can I say WOW!!! another one of my fav's!

The Girls paperie. I can't even begin to tell you how awesome Margie was. When people tell you this girl loves everyone...they are NOT lying! She is so sweet, and so sincere. And talent ooooooozes from her veins!

I will end tonight's post with my FAVORITE of the show...all I wanted to do was scrapbook after I saw all these totally raddish lines.

I will post the rest of the pics tomorrow. Thank you all so much for your love of Midnight Rooster. YOU are the reason we do what we do...and why we will continue to do this!

Have a fantabulous weekend everyone...and remember to check back Saturday night for more CHA pictures!

peace*love*and home sweet home!


  1. Oh my those are fabulous pictures.I agree with all your picks. I would say my fav would be Prima.
    Thanks for sharing.

  2. I stopped at the Glitz booth because of Tobi. And, I was blown away! I especially loved the dictionary pages and the transparencies that went with each new line.